Please review the information on this page. If you feel that this musical program will meet your goals for the event you're planning, let's work together to make it a great success. Thank you!

I believe it’s important for the music to complement and enhance the theme of your event. Maybe you’re looking for some smooth, easy listening, background music, or some fun popular tunes from your choice of decades, or perhaps a program of energetic dance music.

Here is a list (with some examples) of the genres of music in my repertoire:

  • Rock - mostly soft rock like Van Morrison, Tom Petty, The Eagles…
  • Pop - like Neil Diamond, Passenger, Paul Simon and so many more
  • Folk & Folk-Rock - think of Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul & Mary, Gordon Lightfoot…
  • Oldies - Blue Moon, Smile, The Tennessee Waltz, Bye Bye Love…
  • Traditional - The Midnight Special, This Land Is Your Land, Wellerman…
  • Blues - Kansas City, Summertime, Sweet Virginia, Alberta…
  • Country - like John Prine, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, George Strait…

You won’t find show tunes, jazz, rap, hip hop, punk, or metal in my repertoire and I stay away from politics and religion when performing. You can watch my live videos and music videos of original songs on the AUDIO / VIDEO page. If you like what I do, let’s get together!

My goal is for people to have a fun and enjoyable time, whether simply listening, dancing, or singing-along! You are invited to check out many of the songs currently in my list at -  List of Songs.

I love working with event organizers and party planners! With my background in engineering, technical support and as a software instructor, I have the organizational skills and attention to detail necessary to assist you with planning and delivering a great musical program! Oh! And I've been told that I have a bit of talent!


  • collaboration to easily plan the musical portion of your event
  • expertise to assist with selecting music that best meets the goals and objectives of your event
  • help with organizing genres, eras, and songs to match your theme
  • reasonable rates to work within your budget - typically between $100 - $150/hour (or per set)
  • a professional agreement defining my responsibility and commitment - Live Music Performance Contract
  • booking your musical entertainment easily and confidently

If you're ready, here is the link to begin the process - EVENT QUESTIONNAIRE.

If you would like more information, please continue reading.


  • Basic Setup (Small Amp/No Amp) - ideal for small groups
  • Vocal and Guitar Effects - adds depth and harmonics
  • Percussion / Drum Machine - great for dance events and large gatherings
  • Sing-Along Program - set list created based on your wishes
  • Karaoke style sing-along - microphone and lyrics provided on stage for individual audience members or small groups to sing-along with me (or all by themselves)
  • Have a SPECIAL SONG written for the event (i.e., birthday, anniversary, celebration of life, mother's day)

Optional Instruments:
These instruments are optional and available for the audience upon request.

  • Professional percussion instruments
  • Kazoos (additional charge)

Check out the percussion instruments and kazoos here - OPTIONS

I’ve been singing and playing guitar since I was a youngster. Back then, I performed strictly for fun, for family, and friends. That was, up until 1999, when I discovered songwriting through the Nashville Songwriters Association and started performing in front of audiences. I loved it! Since then and especially after retiring, I’ve performed all over the country at bars, restaurants, pubs, wineries, house concerts, corporate events, private parties, and community events.

Please check out some of the reviews I've received over the years from event organizers - REVIEWS

Below is the link to begin the process of organizing your musical program with me. There's no obligation at all! Just an easy way to determine if what I do will meet your wishes.

Please complete the questionnaire as much as possible and I will contact you within 24 hours. If you're not sure, if you have any questions, or you'd just like to talk with me directly, please call me at (520) 561-3826.

I'm looking forward to creating a musical program that will help create a fun, memorable and successful event for you!