• New CD • "Wonder & Joy" • You can download the CD audio tracks now and order the CD here! (Just click on the graphic above...)

• New CD • "Wonder & Joy" • You can download the CD audio tracks now and order the CD here! (Just click on the graphic above...)

Singer / Songwriter - Paul Martin

Hi! Thanks for visiting my website. I'm going to tell you a little about myself and my musical journey. I perform folk, folk-rock, soft-rock, oldies, contemporary covers, and a little country and blues, singing songs from the 1930s through today. I really enjoy engaging with audiences playing guitar, ukulele, and harmonica. Now as a semi-retired boomer, I am able to focus more on my passion for music, songwriting, and performing.

As a singer-songwriter, my original heartfelt songs highlight my experiences in personal growth, the joys and heartaches of love, and the realizations of growing older.

I often travel through through the western states performing at restaurants, pubs, cafes, wine tasting events, resorts, house concerts, and private events. I'm currently spending the winter season (2020-2021) in western Arizona, between Lake Havasu City, Quartzsite, and Yuma.

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I started playing acoustic guitar and singing folk songs as a youngster growing up in Connecticut. After my college years, my career path varied from Sales Engineer with Honeywell to finance, to computerized office equipment, and fire safety / training. I was a runner, cyclist, hiker, and martial arts student in Judo, Tai Chi, karate and 25 years in Aikido. I retired from software support and corporate training with Intuit (Quickbooks, Quicken, and TurboTax). Retiring as a energetic boomer, and expanding my love for music and performing, I have committed myself to this wonderful musical journey.

I moved to Tucson in the late 90’s and took classes with the Nashville Songwriters Association. That’s where I began performing in public at local coffee houses.

In the early 2000's I traveled throughout the country performing at restaurants, coffee houses and special events. In Tucson I formed a number of vocal groups including Burning Mesquite in 2014, Intangible Trio in 2015, the duo of Martin & Bree in 2016, and in 2017 the vocal duo of Paul & Elizabeth.

Today as a solo acoustic musician, I follow my passion for writing songs, traveling, and evolving my repertoire as I perform at venues in Arizona and throughout the western states.

House of Bards - Tucson - Open Mic

House of Bards - Tucson - Open Mic