• New CD • "Wonder & Joy" • You can download the CD audio tracks now and order the CD here! (Just click on the graphic above...)

• New CD • "Wonder & Joy" • You can download the CD audio tracks now and order the CD here! (Just click on the graphic above...)

Singer / Songwriter - PauJoMar (aka: Paul Martin)

Hi! Thanks for visiting my website. I'm going to tell you a little about myself and my musical journey. I perform folk, folk-rock, soft-rock, oldies, contemporary covers, and a little country and blues, singing songs from the 1930s through today. I really enjoy engaging with audiences playing guitar, ukulele, and harmonica. Now as a semi-retired boomer, I am able to focus more on my passion for music, songwriting, and performing.

As a singer-songwriter, my original heartfelt songs highlight my experiences in personal growth, the joys and heartaches of love, and the realizations of growing older.

I often travel through through the western states performing at restaurants, pubs, cafes, wine tasting events, resorts, house concerts, and private events. I'm currently beginning my northward journey and summer tour from southern CA up to northern Washington.

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I started playing acoustic guitar and singing folk songs as a youngster growing up in Connecticut. After my college years, my career path varied from Sales Engineer with Honeywell to finance, to computerized office equipment, and fire safety / training. I was a runner, cyclist, hiker, and martial arts student in Judo, Tai Chi, karate and 25 years in Aikido. I retired from software support and corporate training with Intuit (Quickbooks, Quicken, and TurboTax). Retiring as a energetic boomer, and expanding my love for music and performing, I have committed myself to this wonderful musical journey.

I moved to Tucson in the late 90’s and took classes with the Nashville Songwriters Association. That’s where I began performing in public at local coffee houses.

In the early 2000's I traveled throughout the country performing at restaurants, coffee houses and special events. In Tucson I formed a number of vocal groups including Burning Mesquite in 2014, Intangible Trio in 2015, the duo of Martin & Bree in 2016, and in 2017 the vocal duo of Paul & Elizabeth.

Today as a solo acoustic musician, I follow my passion for writing songs, traveling, and evolving my repertoire as I perform at venues in Arizona and throughout the western states.

House of Bards - Tucson - Open Mic

House of Bards - Tucson - Open Mic