Performing at the 2019 Tucson Folk Festival

Performing at the 2019 Tucson Folk Festival

Dinner Party Concert Review 

From: Villa Capri Mobile Home Park
By: Judy Sams - Entertainment Chairman
Event: Dinner Party Concert - May 28th, 2018 

We all loved Paul’s solo performance in 2017, and in 2018 with the addition of Elizabeth, it was a DOUBLE bonus! Your melodies and vocals were perfect. 

We loved the music of the years, and that you played requests that I asked for. The sing-along songs were great… even if we didn't remember all the words. It was fun! 

Wonderful music… Everyone loved your harmonica ,guitar, ukuleles and the brief history of songs. Your 2 original songs were amazing and so well done. 

The audience gave many thumbs up during performance. I was proud of booking you and hope to re-book early 2019 when our snowbirds are back to enjoy the show also. I have reviewed many local folk groups on YouTube and you two are one of the best.

Paul is an amazing entertainer. Our residents had a blast dancing and singing. We will have you back real soon! Thanks Paul!”

— Adrianne (Qween) Baylor, Resident Program Coordinator - Brookdale North Tucson